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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  February 14, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> by the press -- factor inconvenient to the squad. women have never done better, never been paid more, never had more opportunities, dominate college enrollment, men are the minority on campus and have a high dropout rate, higher addiction rate. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 take it from here. shannon: new reaction to william barr asking the president to knock it up with the tweeting about the oj criminal cases like roger stone. the city decided the sentence recommended for stone was too harsh but the president's decision to weigh in via twitter made his job harder and jason chaffetz you to respond to the attacks coming at william barr
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from both sides but notably not from the president. some call it damage control for another troubled 2000 and the candidate. former new york mayor michael bloomberg launched his new mike for black america initiative, searing criticism of his record and statements on race based issues. joe biden making a bold prediction tonight, he is going to win south carolina and be first or second in nevada. can he listen up to his own hype? we begin with kevin cork, perfect guy to dig into what is happening between the president and his trusted attorney general. >> is size rebukes go this was as close as you could get to the line without going over when you are an employee but that said to have the white house to let the fact that william barr called out the president for tweeting about doj matters didn't bother his boss at all. >> i cannot do my job at the
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department with constant background commentary that undercuts me. >> especially when that background commentary comes from your boss but that is what william barr says his been happening perhaps unwittingly whenever the president tweets about ongoing cases and other matters related to the department of justice. he says he's not saying the president is trying to tip the scales will tweets are distraction he could do without. besides it hasn't and won't influence him anyway. >> i will not be bullied or influenced by anybody, congress, newspaper, editorial boards or the president. i will do what i think is right. >> his comments didn't bother his boss one bit according to the white house, the president has full faith and confidence in william barr to do his job and uphold the laws. bar's criticism comes in a week in which the president's former chief of staff john kelly parted ways with his old boss on a variety of topics including illegal immigration, north korea
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and former national security council staffer alexander vin a vindman but the backing of roger stone has democrats calling for his impeachment although that idea drew cool response from nancy pelosi. >> there is so much malfeasance in the executive branch does that does not mean we will spend all our time on every crime the administration henchmen make. >> let me point something out with respect to the roger stone case, the jury for person in the trial was to make a hard a registered democrat who ran for office as a democrat and in social media posts was a vocal critic of the president and roger stone so it will be interesting to see how that plays out as the judge and others take a closer look at that case. >> we have some more information and we will do again as well.
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a number of prominent conservatives coming to the attorney general's defense, he is prepared for any backlash that may come from anywhere the white house included. jason chaffetz and andrew mccarthy, good to have you both with us. you heard what the attorney general said, i will do my job goal leaving i'm telling the president is the optics of this when he tweets hurts me, that's not good. richard blumenthal, a democrat says translation, i'm doing exactly what donald trump wants, i just wish he would stop tweeting about it. >> that senator has no credibility whatsoever. i like the fact the president of the united states when he sees injustice is pointed out.
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that is exactly what you want to have a president do. i understand that it causes people to sit back and think that nobody is going to be pushing around the attorney general. he has earned a reputation in this town for a long time and the attorney general will do what he wants to do but this is why donald trump has the best possible attorney general in place right now. shannon: william barr is known around dc and beyond what strikes me as the kind of guy who will not be pushed around, not editorial boards or the president or anybody else. tonight it sounds like his voice and what he would say that others are speculating it is some kind of theater, the president knew he would do this and gives him a look of independence. >> i am fortunate to know the attorney general. it is exactly his voice, precisely what he said in his confirmation hearing. part of the reason you got a muted response from the white house is the attorney general took pains to say the president never asked him to do anything in a criminal case but the point that has to be stressed is not all tweets are created equal and
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there may be many times in a political context it is fine for the president to use social media to reach over the media filter and communicate directly with the american people but when you talk about pending investigations and pending cases because the president is the head of the executive branch, you have a command influence problem and it looks like the president is putting his thumb on the scale. the problem with the justice system is we go by a stated up appearance of impropriety, not just whether the president actually does something but whether it looks bad because it delegitimize is the system. shannon: we are learning a lot more about the juror who has gone public and said i wanted to support these prosecutors, one
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quit, three others asked to be reassigned, she has been very vocal. go back to social media and she has tweeted about things like the day stone was arrested, her dislike of the president and all kinds of things. professor jonathan turley is on air a lot, what concerns me is a high profile case of this kind comes with the added burden for the court to assure both sides of a divided nation, the trial was conducted without a hint of bias or animus from the court or the jury. the selection of the jury does not meet that burden. >> it does beg the question who was representing roger stone. of that was so evident i don't understand why his counsel and jury selection was not able to point that out. one other point. going back here i watched barack obama way and on a lot of these cases and i never heard a people from anybody, nobody ever criticized barack obama when he
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said there isn't even a smidgen of corruption and he weighed on these cases. to watch these people twist and turn and have different standard for donald trump is flat-out wrong. shannon: he and his attorney general eric older talks about his being his wing man, they were in lockstep on a lot of things. that is how presidents and attorney generals are sometimes with their policies. this door, looks like there was a questionnaire from our research, part of the jury questionnaire that asked whether you have written anything for public and some -- about the defendant, the mueller investigation, we don't know how this for person answered the question but we know it appears there was no objection to this person being on the jury. if the stone legal team didn't challenge the selection at that time, that is on them, not the
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government, social media posts and records of political campaigns are a matter of public record. this isn't rocket science from bradley maas. what do you make of that? >> a lot of what brad says has merit but the question here, this certainly opens up a motion to get the case thrown out, at least to explore what happened, what the defense lawyers new, how intentional the lies were if they were lies, and so on but the other thing i point out here is the case against stone is overwhelming. most of it involves text messages that clearly involve obstruction and witness intimidation. i agree with the justice department that the original recommendation was too harsh, but this is a very strong case
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and one wonders number one, whether he would wants to have a second trial and also the question is going to be was he so prejudiced that we can't rely on the results here and that is a high bar. >> as we go back to your questionnaire we understand this for person was a lawyer and made the stand about the need to avoid perjury in these documents. great to have you with us. this is a fox news election alert, michael bloomberg trying to make a big impression on african american voters. trace gallagher is on the case from our la newsroom. >> after filling the airways with a few hundred billion dollars in ads michael bloomberg is a prominent part of the democratic presidential narrative and he's largely uncontested, no debates, no votes, no problem until an audio reporting went public where he described the vast majority of
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murderers and murder victims, they are male minorities, 16-25, that is true of new york, true in virtually every city. politico reports the audio left them scrambling their staffers in damage control and bloomberg himself was being pressed. >> the way i have government run my company or the way i live, i have led the most diverse city in the country. >> the former new york mayor is being forced to play defense but is also implementing a little offense including the new ad targeting african-american voters and special events like tonight's, quote, mike for black america. >> i am here to tell you how deeply committed i am serving in the white house but first i need your help to get to the white house. >> bloomberg is meeting
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behind-the-scenes with black pastors and other allies who might speak on his behalf. if there's any question whether bloomberg is being challenged you need only look at his campaign events replete with shouters and protesters including a woman who was greeted to bloomberg i roll. his opponents have taken the gloves off. he was joe biden. >> i don't think you can buy and election. one advantage is this. i have been the only guy who has been totally vetted. >> reporter: he went on to say he is still standing which he is for now. shannon: nevada, we hear biden is predicting to do well but trouble for bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. >> nevada's culinary union, 16,000 hospitality workers not to vote for anybody who supports medicare for all meeting sanders and elizabeth warren saying their plan would eliminate
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culinary healthcare benefits and the union claimed its members were attacked by sanders supporters. the culinary union decided not to endorse anybody. amy klobuchar is getting heat for having the same position on illegal immigration as donald trump during her 2006 senate run. she called for a physical barrier at the border and mandatory e-verify to ban employers from hiring illegal immigrants. turns out she no longer feels that way. >> ideas evil in washington as you know, thank you so much. no apparent resolution between donald trump in new york governor andrew cuomo after their white house meeting over the status controversial decision to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. the white house dropping all new yorkers from the trusted travel and global entry program in response. chad will says it is about
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security, not politics. with my campaign on life support many are banking on bloomberg. should republicans be worried as he works on getting a head start on supertuesday? marsha blackburn's home state. she joins us live to talk about it next. hi guys. this is the chevy silverado with the world's first invisible trailer. invisible trailer? and it's not the trailer right next to us? this guy? you don't believe me? hop in. good lookin' pickup, i will say that. oh wow. silverado offers an optional technology package with up to 15 different views - including one enhanced view that makes your trailer appear invisible.
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>> shannon: former new york mayor michael bloomberg being forced to answer on his comments of race issues. comments on policing and a new clip making the rounds where he call the >> breaking on this is 1020 front michael bloomberg being forced to answer for his controversial comments and positions on race issues. you heard his remarks on redlining in minority communities, current on policing and a news clip for making the rounds where he allegedly called the naacp a disgrace because they challenge his soda been plan in 2013. marsha blackburn's republican from tennessee where the mayor has been campaigning this week, good to have you with us.
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here is what the mayor said making his pitch in nashville. >> i offer a record of getting things done and common sense plans and that is what voters want and the nominee who can deliver it. >> the president is going to say democrats have also would've unaffordable things that won't get done but he has a record to prove he gets things done so he will win not only the nomination but the white house, your response? >> he gets the wrong things done. when you look at his record and the things he supports, the way he weighed in on guns and taking away gun rights, the second amendment, the way he pushes that liberal agenda the democrats have, they want to make certain they have the green new deal, they don't want federal judges we have been footing on the bench, they want to take away the tax cuts, raise the rates, when it comes to the issue of securing the southern
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border they are not for that and look what is "happening now" with drivers licenses with states reverting to where we were before 9/11 and trying to give them drivers licenses and the whole issues there in new york with that. i don't think michael bloomberg has a message that is going to sell because it is the same message the democrats have, bends toward socialism and people in tennessee are not going to be voting for that. they are going to vote for donald trump. >> the associated press talked about this, the line of attack on democrats, the democrats are socialists and one national medicare and all that kind of stuff and progressives argue those fears are overblown, republicans tried to tie democrats to socialism and liberal causes like medicare for all during the 2018 campaign you democrats won the resulting majority in the house. how will the messaging be different this time around.
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>> the presidential nominee will set that agenda. you have all of these democrats that have been running, you ask them to raise their hand on stage if they are for medicare for all and they say absolutely and decriminalizing crossing the border illegally, therefore giving healthcare benefits to illegal immigrants, putting them in front of the queue, in front of us citizens, in front of our veterans. and this is something the american people do not want so they can start to try to distance themselves from that agenda because they are realizing it does not sale. they are realizing that impeachment did not serve them well and they are realizing that the american people are figuring out they were pretty close to certain when they said we've got to impeach him, that is one of
12:22 am
the things that is going to hurt them because they of just tilted to the far left. >> you have congressman eric's wall well talking about the possibility of another impeachment, other lawmakers talk about impeaching the attorney general, things have gotten better for the president, better numbers, all kinds of things are gone in his direction. do you think the democrats will try again? >> yes. i think they are going to try it again because they cannot believe they lost 2016 race and that they have been rejected and they want -- they won congressional seat in 2018 but look what is happening with them right now. every one of those seats are being challenged and you have the distinct possibility, very real possibility that republicans will take the house back.
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we picked up seats in the senate in the 2018 election. shannon: you mentioned the idea of illegal immigrants have drivers licenses, virginia voting and many other states, the boston mayor said it is a better for undocumented immigrants, no one should be living in fear of our police officers, police officers need residents to trust them to report crimes and those things out he respond to that? >> there is no reason for someone illegally in this country to get a government issued taxpayer-funded official identification and when you look at what happened after 9/11 that is when the real id act was passed so that we would know was in this country and remember the 9/11 hijackers, they used those state issued driver's licenses to board those planes and kill
12:24 am
americans and this is something that needs to stop. it is why i filed legislation to stop green lighting drivers licenses for illegal aliens and cutting money to jack grants to sanctuary cities, this is ridiculous. it is a national security issue, and local security issue and this is something we need to stop right now so that we keep our communities and keep the public safe. >> we will track it. a lot of advocates who will fight this legislations it is about people being able to take their kids to school and football practice. we will watch it and track it. keep us updated. you heard him exclusively on fox news last night, tonight is breaking news about a new connection between ukraine and rudy giuliani. we will explain next. (sensei) when i started cobra kai,
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>> shann >> fox news alert, the ukrainian president just appointed a new right-hand man who happens to be an associate of donald trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. what does the new environment mean for ukrainian cooperation with the trump administration? >> acquitted of the charges. >> one week after donald trump walked away from a conviction in the senate ukraine is still in the news. the president zelinski, the man on the other side of the phone call that prompted impeachment has a new right-hand man who happens to have a relationship with trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani. as revealed in public testimony giuliani met him and urged him to investigate joe biden's son hunter and his ties to a ukrainian energy company, burisma. >> this should have been investigated 3 years ago. >> giuliani last night on fox
12:30 am
news at night says despite it trump's acquittal he is pushing forward with an investigation into the younger biden, text messages show he was working with giuliani to set up a meeting between trump and zelinski. the former vice president defended his son this morning. >> this is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son. >> in october i traveled to keio and spoke to president zelinski about both bidens. >> i spoke to my experts in kyiv who said hunter biden and joe biden did nothing wrong. do you believe they did nothing wrong? >> if you talk to the lawyers and they said there was nothing wrong it would be great, the general prosecutor's office will, it has to consider all the cases independently. >> those close to zelinski say bumping him up to his new position has nothing to do with the united states, donald trump or any biden family member.
12:31 am
a spokeswoman for zelinski said the change at the head of the office of the president of ukraine in no way affects the political course of the state. important reforms are ahead and this is the focus of vladimir zelinski's team. the president's office is confident that he will handle this responsibility. he has known zelinski for years and has advised him on foreign policy decisions. now that yermak has a relationship they will watch to see if that brings trump and zelinski closer together. donald trump said he would welcome zelinski but we will see if that happens. >> the senate approving a bipartisan measure aimed at limiting donald trump's authority to large military options against iran. the president is expected to veto the war powers resolution, it is a post impeachment bid to restrain the white house. what do you think? does donald trump need to be constrained on iran? checkout timeline of what has
12:32 am
happened over the past year. may 5th, national security adviser john bolton announced deployment of the carrier strike group and bomber task force to the middle east to send a clear and unmistakable message to the iranian regime. in response to troubling and escalatory warning, iran announces it will stop complying with the iran nuclear deal and on the same day donald trump announced a slew of sanctions against the terror on regime. may 12th, four ships of the united arab emirates are sabotaged. june 3rd secretary of state mike pompeo offers talks with iran. june 13th, two takers, one japanese and one norwegian our mind and the strait of for news. june 20th iran shoots down a us surveillance drone. don't june 21st donald trump orders a retaliatory strike on iranian radar and missile batteries but calls off the attack at the last minute. june 20 fourth the white house
12:33 am
announces more sanctions against iran and the iranian leader calls the president, quote, mentally retarded. july 19th two oil tankers are seized by the iranian this. september 14th the white house blames iran for drone attacks on two saudi oil installations. in northern iraq, more than 20 rockets rain down on k-1 airbase. killing a us civilian contractor, injuring four us service members and two iraqi security force personnel. the us military blames iran backed has been a militia, a subgroup of iraq's popular mobilization forces unit, has blood denies responsibility. the summer 20 ninth across iraq in syria, they pound has blood targets killing 25 terrorists and injuring 50 more. after the airstrikes a military spokesperson said there has been a campaign of 11 iran backed
12:34 am
militia attacks on us interests leading up to the rocket attack large september 30th hundreds gathered to protest year strikes against has bola. december 3, '01, baghdad detained hezbollah and sympathizers in a heavily fortified green belt. apache helicopters deploy flares in a show of force. that evening two osprey aircraft touched down in the embassy compound with a rapid reaction force of us marines. secretary of state mike pompeo identifies muhandis as one of the organizes, marines videotape new violent outside the embassy wall and was as pullback, battalions from the 80 second airborne deployed to kuwait. january 2nd baghdad international airport, unmanned
12:35 am
us drone circling high above strikes a vehicle convoy exiting the airport with among others iranian general soleimani, head of the quds force and militias operating to the region. january 7th iran retaliates with a barrage of rockets on and airbase where us and coalition troops are based, the next day the president says the strike caused no american or iraqi casualties. february 11th the pentagon confirms 109 us troops suffered injuries in the iranian rocket attacks. tonight more democratic inviting and why some lawmakers are openly worrying how i sanders nomination could devastate down ballot democrats next. ♪ applebee's new irresist-a-bowls
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12:40 am
>> freaking out is a term to describe some democrats when they consider the possibility of bernie sanders becoming the democratic standardbearer this fall, that his socialism could scare off some voters and harm democrats down ballot. >> what we do to win the culinary union? >> moderate democrats from swing district sounded the alarm bells at the capital this week, sanders had into the next round of contests with momentum. one freshman democrat who worked in the swing district in a battleground state captured by donald trump in 2016. having conversations about how to deal with this. other house democrats who asked not to be identified said sanders is the nominee, quote, we lose, democrats are pondering what a nomination of sanders might mean. >> could be challenging in parts of the country that we have to win in order to win the presidency and when a majority in the senate.
12:41 am
we should run on an agenda that will give us 55 votes in the senate. we have to win pennsylvania. if we lose it is over. >> republicans were practically you forget sanders's prospects. >> think about his tactic. aoc to lead? >> multiple house freshmen democrats face competitive race races in seats flipped from red to blue in 2018 were visibly uncomfortable discussing the state of the presidential race. reporters tried to speak with them off the house floor. notably cindy askman ducked into an elevator and an aggressive aid ran interference in the hall for georgia freshman lucy mc bath. nancy pelosi tried to quell the anxiety. >> i hear you are all in a panic, is there some establishment i don't know about
12:42 am
around here? that is politics. it is a messy business. we are calm, cool and collected. >> one democratic source urged caution, democrats only distributed a few delegate saying it is early in the process. the moderate democrats like stephanie murky from florida who unseated a republican and a competitive district in 2016 are now backing michael bloomberg. >> thank you. the decision by a grand jury to restore charges against jussie smollett charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly staging a hate crime is jeopardizing the career of the prosecutor who originally dropped the charges against him but not if bernie sanders has anything to do with it. the democratic socialist is endorsing kim fox who is facing primary problems of her own. let's bring in chris on, madison -- i'm going to get this right. there you go. welcome to you both. >> now squabble with han. >> it is one symbol.
12:43 am
>> let me read something from politico talking about this decision, the endorsements are in keeping with the vermont senator's attempt to position himself as the most progressive presidential candidate on criminal justice policy with a platform that includes banning cash bail, legalizing marijuana, people can use illegal drugs under supervision of medical professionals. should we be surprised by this endorsement? lines up with who he is. >> i'm not surprised but democrats are disappointed in this one. look at the jussie smollett case, it is unacceptable no matter how progressive, not doing your job, i don't think it is a good endorsement but the reality remains that regardless who he endorses what he does he cannot beat donald trump in november. we see the fundraising numbers that turned out, incredible and high voter turnout in new hampshire doubling obama in
12:44 am
2012, every one of these rallies with thousands waiting outside, the president will win in november, the economy strong and he kept many promises on top of that. shannon: a tweet by a conservative commentator at turning point usa, it is a spectacular example of the cancerous rot that infected our justice system. jussie smollett committed felony, there's physical and video evidence, 16 felony charges after speaking with the jussie smollett family and michelle obama it. sick. does this open sanders up for an unforced error? a lot of people have skepticism about this and he has been indicted again. >> i don't think so. i have never seen an endorsement hurt anyone, never seen them help anyone. i think most people have moved on from jussie smollett except for a few in the right-wing
12:45 am
media establishment. >> the special prosecutor who got the indictment. >> is for who is elected or not electable i remember sitting here four years ago salivating over the prospect that donald trump would be the nominee and how wrong i was. a lot of people are saying who is electable or not, we will see who is electable. the most something about the democratic party is not who is on top of the ticket but if they can unify behind that person it if they can unify behind that person donald trump will be sent packing in november. >> somebody told me to resurrect his flailing campaign, joe biden was on the view today pushing back against criticism and questions about investigations involving hunter biden, his son. >> look. nobody has said he has done anything wrong. this is a guy who has done nothing but good things his whole life, my son. >> medicine did nothing with this. >> nobody has said he has done anything wrong. i don't know if he's living on
12:46 am
another planet and we have been living on but a lot of people said he has done something wrong and i don't think there is any justification for hunter biden to take tens of thousands of dollars per month to be on the burisma board which he had no business being on in the first place. >> people in the obama administration at the time did express concern about the optics of it, not necessarily that he was doing anything wrong but they were concerned about the appearance, and out comes back years later and hurt his father's campaign when it is struggling. can he make a comeback in nevada and/or south carolina? >> i'm dubious on whether vice president biden can make a comeback in this campaign. he is not looking very strong anywhere right now. there are a lot of unqualified people making money for things they shouldn't be making money for and if we went around investigating every single one of them we would have no time to do anything else in this country. >> tens of thousands of dollars
12:47 am
-- >> a lot of people on the trump campaign making 10,$000 a month just to keep quiet. maybe we should look at the data. >> do you think -- >> i looked into. >> would he have gotten the job if not for his last name? >> the question. >> do i think george w. bush -- >> hunter biden -- >> what about hunter biden? >> a lot of people in this country have jobs they shouldn't have because of who their parents are and that is unfortunate. >> the point of the question -- hunter biden himself - >> he said himself he thinks his last name was very helpful. we will see -- >> let me ask a question. i don't think he would have had that job if his name weren't hunter biden but a lot of other people wouldn't have those jobs. >> there is a lot of that in dc too. thank you for your fair answer. thank you.
12:48 am
three attack from trump supporters in one week, the media is mostly silent. our panel is not. they weigh in next. align, press and unzip. tide pods. keep them up. keep them closed. keep them safe.
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>> shannon: three attacks on trump supporters. the man in florida tried to run down a gop voter registration tent. according to police, it was in opposition to the president. police arr
12:52 am
>> three attack from trump supporters, mandatory tried to run down the gop voter registration and sent. it was in opposition to the president. police arresting a new hampshire man for slapping a 15-year-old trump supporters trying to topple of voting tends. or nypd officer says he was punched in the face by a woman who mistook his make 50 great again hat for a maga hat. daily color video columnist stephanie hamel to discuss, thank you, good to have you. okay. there's a lot of folks questioning why we haven't heard more about these. if a trump supporters had perpetrated this exact same act against democrats we would be in a national conversation on stability emergency. i don't need to tell you who's rhetoric would be blamed. that is pretty true, don't you think? >> we are in the middle of it. a mission saying she wants to
12:53 am
stop bullying, the anti-bullying campaign. we now hate crimes have gone up. the mci data shows it. people are nastier than ever. they blamed it on reality tv, two years ago they blamed it on the president. maga hat and other things are causing people to become unraveled. people are angry and taking it out on each other and that poor man in the 50 hat, that was sad. >> somebody said is my friend, former nypd officer and that photo look so bad, does he have a ring? i don't know what happened but that is still being investigated. if this had been somebody who punched bernie sanders supporter or drove into a bernie sanders rally or warren rally or buttigieg rally i feel like we would have heard more about it. >> absolutely, there would be wall-to-wall coverage. we have seen how some covered
12:54 am
the hoaxes, if this was any sort of attack against someone on the left we would hear it nonstop but this is happening all the time. i have interviewed so many people who have been intimidated, attacked and bullied for express a support for the free leader. it needs to be condemned. the democratic politicians are very silent when republicans and trump supporters are attacks, some of them actually even encourage it like maxine waters who said if you see the gas station go say something. it is very disturbing and a lot of people want to blame donald trump for the division and hate that is happening in the country but i don't think it is donald trump's fault. the media who constantly say terrible things about the president nonstop, his policies and views, they are craftier taking his words out of context and turn us against each other. >> to say confronting trump
12:55 am
supporters, there is room between that and attacking someone, to be clear on that. if you think it gets better or worse, we have got to go quickly, to you and yosemite. >> don't kill me on this but it comes from the top. i think it comes from the top. of the president takes back tweets that are negative and nasty we all will be, civil society once again. examples from the top. >> we need to be kinder to each other and stop the bullying, not just donald trump but everyone needs to do their part. >> we can all work on that. check this out. our midnight hero, dramatic surveillance footage of the shoplifting suspects bolting from police only to have the shopper throw a card into the suspect's path knocking him to the ground, and of time for police to make the arrest. the good samaritan got his groceries and headed home.
12:56 am
the mistry walmart shopper who stopped the bad guy, you are our midnight hero. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the night with us. i am shannon bream. robinhood believes now is the time to do money. without the commission fees and account minimums. so, you can start investing wherever you are - even on the bus. download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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>> hug your kids today, keep this little girl and her family and your community in your prayers. bill: happy valentine's day, friday, february 14th. at 4:00 am, the search for the missing girl comes to a tragic end in the same neighborhood where she vanished. an unidentified man found dead nearby. police at this hour are trying to piece together the mystery.


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